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Dan Bark

Executive chef at Cadence by Dan Bark,


Cadence by Dan Bark

Progressive American Cuisine

One Michelin star

Growing up as a Korean-American in Chicago, Chef Dan dedicated 15 years to his craft working in top tier restaurants such as the two-Michelin-starred Avenues and as Sous chef at the famed three-Michelin-starred Grace. In 2015, on a gamble, he moved to Thailand to open a small restaurant of his dreams called Upstairs Restaurant in 2016, serving progressive American cuisine.

Establishing his reputation in the culinary scene in Bangkok, Upstairs earned a 1-Michelin Star award in 2018-2020.

With his dedicated passion and steadfast philosophy toward his career, he decided to move forward with his team to create his newest fine-dining restaurant called Cadence by Dan Bark; where he has earned 1 Michelin Star status within six months of opening.

A few months after Cadence was launched, he opened its sister restaurant called Caper, where the concept is more casual focusing on a la carte style along with craft cocktails and wine.

Both restaurants, located in the same house on Pridi road, explore the depth and complexities of natural flavours of ingredients, combining them with artfully crafted dishes. His unique style of cuisine is reflected from his personal experiences and defines the concept of the two restaurants.