Foodies around the world have witnessed the boom of gastronomy in Thailand over the past decade. Fine-dining restaurants, many of which are recognised with international accolades, have made Thailand the destination not only for Thai food but also for innovative cuisine. This simply would not have happened if it had not been for our chefs - Thai and foreign - who have been working imaginatively and tirelessly transforming premium quality local produce and cultural wisdom into tasty and thoughtful bites.

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Since 2020, due to Covid-19, Thailand has been put into stages of national and regional lockdowns. Restaurants are forced to close their doors to customers, jeopardising not only the businesses but also the livelihood of those in the food and beverage sector and beyond. Chefs, however, do not just sit still and cry for support. They band themselves together and use their culinary arts to help our society steer through the global health crises. 


Chef Cares Foundation was also born under this premise - as a platform that empowers chefs to contribute to the betterment of our society. Under Chef Cares Foundation, 75 high-calibre chefs cooked and donated to the front line medical workers. This is an expression of our “care” and our collective effort to help Thailand fight Covid-19.


As the economic impact from the lockdown deepens, and restaurants in Thailand need to remain shut or have their capacity severely capped, the once-booming industry is now in crisis. Our chefs are at risk of losing their businesses, especially those in the fine dining sector. The chefs who have contributed so much to our society are in need of our help right now. 


In our urgent response to the struggling restaurant industry, Chef Cares Foundation has launched a focus-group study on challenges fine-dining restaurants are facing, especially, while being forced to switch their dine-in business model to that of takeaway and delivery services. Our study shows challenges related to fierce online competitions and lack of human resources or marketing know-hows.

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To help our chefs overcome these challenges, Chef Cares Foundation joins forces with Wongnai to launch #HelpChefsSaveRestaurants campaign, focusing on fine-dining restaurants from renowned chefs. As a way to show our gratitude to the chefs who have supported us so selflessly. 


Chef Cares Foundation would like to invite all foodies to log on to our platform via Wongnai website and order from #HelpChefSaveRestaurants, not only knowing that your meals will be prepared and sent to homes by Thailand’s finest chefs at an affordable price, but also that your money will go directly to supporting the restaurant sector that is in dire need of help. Chef Cares Foundation would also like to extend our thanks to Wongnai who has supported us graciously and unconditionally to make this campaign happen.

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You can fill your stomach with great food and your heart with delight through #HelpChefsSaveRestaurants campaign. More than 17 of Thailand’s leading chefs such as Chef David Thompson from Aksorn, Chef Garima Arora from Gaa, Chef Dan Bark from Caper by Dan Bark, Chef Francesco Lenzi from Nonna Nella by Lenzi, Chef Toshi Onishi from Sushi Zo, Chef Nooror Somany Steppe from Blue Elephant, Chef Kenji Shindo from Wagyu Shin, Chef Deepanker Khosla from Haoma, Chef Saki Hoshino from Samlor and Chef Pan Siripornlertkul from 99 Chicken Pot have joined this campaign. 


Signature dishes in the campaign are made from premium ingredients through dazzling cooking techniques. Each set is sold at a special price starting from either 599฿ or 999฿. Check the full list of the participating famous chefs and buy the special deals today from Wongnai application or